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Wilhemeena Isabella Monroe



Wilhemeena is an international leader in wellness facilitation - a dancer, an artist and poet, she is a world re-knowned healer and teacher of the healing and sacred arts.



charitable TRUST. She has created numerous

ways for people to find freedom and healing

in thEIr lives.

During her years as a professional artist, dancer and choreographer, Wilhemeena became interested in the way we heal through movement, stillness, creativity, and touch. In her exploration, she trained in a myriad of healing modalities, sacred technologies and human advancement.

She brings this knowledge to you.

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Through movement, stillness, creativity and touch - through spirit and soma - we co-create healing for ourselves and for the earth.

Working with many sacred traditions, Wilhemeena has developed a kite (basket) of knowledge that stems from Taoist, Ayurvedic, Yogic, Mayan, Aztec, Andean and Pacific and multi-nesian lineages - helping people heal and inspiring them to live their best lives - returning us back to the sacred parts of ourselves. She facilitates personal ceremony + healing, working one-on-one with individuals as well as group facilitation, trainings, retreats and online programs.

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Inspired by a love for the Earth and the people who live in it.

Her workshops and trainings have evolved out of a love for the sacred arts and for deep healing for ourselves and for the earth.

Two of the modalities she has created are Elemental Alchemy - a School for Energy + Plant Medicine, and Shin Yoga - a style of yoga that facilitates deep rest and healing through exploring developmental processes and tapping into primordial forces.

She is also a teacher trainer for the International School of Elemental Chi Kung, a teacher trainer for EastWest Somatics - Shin Somatics Registered Movement Therapist and Yoga Teacher Training, a Skinner Releasing Technique certified teacher and is a certified Birth into Being instructor - she has taught somatics, movement and healing in many institutions, universities, training programs and communities, worldwide.

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Connecting through shared experience.

Her current healing practice combines, biodynamic cranio-sacral therapy, massage, movement therapy, dance, yoga, chi kung, meditation, energywork and plant medicine and is registered with ISMETA, an International body of somatic and movement therapists..

BPSA, Dip CST, Dip TMHST, Dip ECK, Dip Herbal Medicine, Cert SRT, Cert BIB, Cert SS, RME and RMT (ISMETA)

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A Wellness Leader.

With over 25 years in the wellness industry. She is a leader in the wellness sector and is a sought after consultant for resorts and facilities building wellness initiatives and programmes.

In the corporate sector she facilitates wellness programs for selected businesses throughout New Zealand, and has lectured for the Sustainable Business Network and the NZ Department of Labour on Workplace Wellness.

She has facilitated workshops and classes in association with the Auckland District Health Board for Community Mental Health Facilities and in private dual-diagnosis programmes and has facilitated children's therapeutic groups for children in trauma at Starship hospital.

She was awarded the ART Venture Award for creative Entreprenuers by Auckland Regional Council in 2009.

When she is in her homeland - New Zealand, she teaches workshops + classes at the SOUL CENTRE, in Titirangi, Auckland and private classes by appointment.


Wilhemeena is one of the top somatic practitioners in New Zealand and someone at the forefront of combining somatics with creative practice. Her work as a choreographer, somatics practitioner, and teacher contributes significantly to the development of dance and has been inspiring students and audiences for over a decade.
Her centre in Auckland - SOUL, provides a hub for somatics and creative practice attracting artists and body workers from around the world. What sets it apart from other centres for somatic studies is the way in which it nurtures and supports professional creative practice.
— Brenton Surgenor - Movement specialist - Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, University of Auckland, New Zealand School of Dance
Wilhemeena is an angel, a true mystic and profound healer
— Miranda Brown - NZ Sustainability Icon and Artist