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Sacred spaces

The name Puna Wairua (the source of sacred waters) was given to me by a Maori elder Matua as he gathered energy from the Patupaiarehe to create a sign for the SOUL CENTRE in Titirangi. It is the name of our Trust (Puna Wairuaa - Sacred Land Trust and the holding platform for flow to create and maintain these places of healing for all generations to come. The Trust relies on donations and support from you - the people. Please give generously to support these projects - for all of us. To heal and return to love. Come and visit us, be with us. Let us heal together.



Titirangi, Auckland, New Zealand

This is the first space created in 2005. Growing here in this space for over 14 years - it is now a thriving community with classes, workshops and events every day and a global following. It draws thousands of people to the Titirangi area every year in search of health, wellbeing and a little magic. It has a beautiful eco-studio and an onsite clinic - the centre specialises in somatic wellness and is the first centre for somatic wellness in New Zealand.

Initative 1: We are currently building resources to create a tea-house on site.

Initative 2: We are looking for a way to buy the land it is on and secure it for the benefit of all beings. This new initiative will help us develop permaculture gardens and a wholefoods cafe onsite.



Somewhere there is a sacred piece of land waiting for us

Initative 1: Founding the land - fundraising initative to purchase land and keep it in trust with a view to building a retreat centre, where people can heal, be heard and to know themselves, and to live in harmony with each other and the earth.

This initiative is being supported by the sale of “Dancing with Angels” my first poetry book. Please purchase it here and help us create this heaven on earth.