Ceremony + Ritual


Below is a selection of offerings. Each one can be taken individually or as a group or community. Enquires are welcome and each ceremony is created bespoke, tuning into the energy and intention of the participants.



Deep Dance Tribe

We begin with plant ceremony - tuning in to cacao and native plant offerings. We dive deep into ourselves with embodied meditation - taking it into movement alongside DJ Arnivan’s beautiful global tunes. Dance your new story. Ending with circle and some deep sounding together as community. Next community event here.




Cacao Ceremony

Cacao is the plant medicine of the heart. Here we sit together, breathe. Gather consciousness. Use our intention. Each ceremony is bespoke as we invoke the elements, tune into ourselves and invite our deepest heart to open. Personal ceremony, group ceremony or you are welcome to our community ceremony here.




This one-on-one healing session tunes into your highest possible healing on the day. A personal choice of a combination of massage, biodynamic craniosacral therapy, energy healing and shamanic healing.



The Priestess

Full day or half day dedicated to personal healing and ceremony to help you in transitions, to celebrate life moments or to simply immerse in healing and you time.



Dance + Ritual

Temple Dance

A healing ritual where you are cleansed, cleared, we set an intention and become immersed in the healing power of dance - become the witness as shakti unfolds before you. Blessed by the radiance of the dancer and the dance, life unfurls its lessons. Reflection time afterwards as we rest with tea and loving nurturing touch.



Cleansing + Purification + ritual

Water Ceremony

A deep cleansing and purification ritual, for when you are letting go or entering into a new phase of life, a new project, or simply want to clear things out to make room for the new.




Blessing Way

This sacred ritual is the blessing of a new mother, before the baby is born, to welcome the new one into the world and to gather the support around the new mama from friends and family. The most beautiful gift to give a new mama.



Joining of two to one

Hand Fasting + Wedding

Hand Fasting is an ancient celtic ceremony - much like engagement in the western world. This beautiful ritual is the joining of two hands and two hearts in union. Small bespoke bohemian weddings are also possible.


It was everything. My heart was blown open and all feeling awakened in floods of tears. Wilhemeena has a rare gift in performance to surrender her ego self and become a vessel of something greater, something that touches all who witness it unfold. We are moved by an immense healing power as she allows herself to be moved. My sense of what it means to be alive is heightened and my faith in the transformative power of dance performance restored. Thank you!
— Katherine Tate (Gods of the Spheres - 2013)