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Re-Birth Retreat - Sexual Healing and Empowerment Immersion for Women


Join Wilhemeena Isabella Monroe and Sonja Shradha Devi for a life changing journey into Self Love, Authentic Power and Sacred Sexuality in a secret location in the jungle of magical Bali

As women our sexuality is connected to our true power and holds the keys for our deepest fulfilment.

Yet as a result of growing up in a patriarchal world, many women experience a disconnect from the love inside of herself and the sacredness of her sexuality.

The invitation in this retreat is to heal, explore, transform and rebirth yourself into the sexually sovereign woman you were born to be.

Within sacred space, nestled in magical jungle by a sacred waterfall, fed by pure food and water and loving vibrations.

This retreat will be a profound opportunity for any woman yearning to let go of patterns that are not based on love and nourishment (shame, addiction, self sabotage, disconnection from nourishing sexuality and difficulty in attracting healthy relationships).. experience a rebirth that will nourish every aspect of her life.

This is a unique experience strictly for women interested in deep transformation ,spaces are limited to keep the group small and intimate for maximum support. If this is speaking to you then you are welcome and you can apply below.

Tantric Feminine practices * Sensual Yoga * Yoni Egg for Sexual Healing & Pelvic Health * Priestess Initiations* Sexual Vitality Chi Gung * Womb Healing and past clearing*  Deep Rejuvenation



Be Reborn!


Receive the skills and guidance to awaken your body to its potential, create the ground for living as a self honouring, confident and creative Sacred Sexual woman.

❤️ Be held by an experienced team of healers in daily transformation sessions to release trauma, deeply held unprocessed and emotions and come back to self love.

❤️ Come back to connection into the earth and your natural vitality with delicious high vibrational food, ,amazing massage, evenings by the fire and rivers to bathe in.

❤️Practice Sensual yoga and Tao Tantric practices in the tropical garden  and bathe in the river between sessions