On Love. 

I have loved you as if there was no one else

to love


I have loved you

with no rhyme, no reason

asking nothing in return


I have loved you

past the edges of my soul

beyond understanding 

past this life

and the next


I have loved you

through our scars

our wounds

and through our emptiness


I have loved you

to the edges of ecstasy


as liquid


entering other worlds


I have loved you

in softness

in stillness

eyes gazing at the moonlight

reflected in our eyes


I have loved you

through betrayal

when you where kissing her soft lips

and not mine


I have loved you

through millenniums


rivers of stars

cascading on every side


I choose to love you

to the wild edges of this

time, space, reality

until this moment becomes 


until darkness becomes 

the void

until the void becomes 


until emptiness becomes 


0K8A6933 copy.jpg

What I have learnt about love, is that there are angels in human form who come into your life to teach you how to love yourself more..... this is the meaning of loving another, to learn to love yourself more deeply, more throughly and without compromise.....a thousand pranayams to those who have been that for me on this path. I love you.

Wilhemeena Monroe