Teachers trainings and facilitator trainings, an indepth ways to encounter the self - over time.

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ELEMENTAL ALCHEMY - energy medicine and chi kung

2019 modules

16/17 March/ 18/19 May, 6/7 June, 7/8 September, 2/3 November

$350 per module or $3000 for all ten modules

Elemental Alchemy is a progressive approach to chi kung + energy medicine that incorporates classic styles and philosophies with modern bodymind and energy concepts. The approach explores body and chi awareness as a way to deepen into our internal chi flow through movement, stillness, meditation and breath. A creative space is sought to allow our essential nature to express itself and bring about transformations. The approach emphasizes the five elements as the foundation of chi kung. The workshops in Chi Kung are an ongoing series that interested participants can enter at any point. The workshops can either be attended individually or as a whole series.

There are ten, 2 day workshops and an annual retreat and the overall intention of the workshops are to present Chi Kung as a way to open to a deeper and richer connection to the life force within the human system and within nature. In particular to listen and be aware of the subtle power of your health and become aware of movements of chi within your body and mind. 

The workshops will teach the following skills:

* self reflection

*stability and groundedness

*stillness of the body and mind

*sensitivity to chi

*Use of intention

*Strength, Stamina and flexibilty

*synchronisity of movement, along with an understanding and appreciation of the body's structure, traditional chinese medical concepts and taoist philosophy.

For those who want to teach Elemental Chi Kung - you must attend all 10 workshops plus two retreats as well as completing additional homework. This must be completed within 3 consecutive years.



100 Hour Foundation course

30 May - 17 June 2019 - Thursday - Sunday over the first 3 weeks.

Finishing on Monday 17th (Full Moon)

9am - 5pm each day


A unique combination of somatic and shamanic principles, techniques and practices to move you into every life as a human and as a healer of the world.

Learn the sacred arts of healing, being with and opening - to yourself and to all of life around you. We will explore energy medicine, plant medicine and ceremony, alongside somatic practices including Skinner Releasing Technique, BMC, Feldenkrais, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Massage, Experiential Anatomy and movement therapy and ritual. It will give you the foundational tools to open to your own healing path and to be able to help others on their journey. How to maintain a life of health and wellness on this changing planet and the tools to give back to others and to the planet.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. It starts with you.

Everything you do must be a ceremony, only then will your entire life be an act of worship.
— Wilhemeena Isabella Monroe

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Each module is a 5-day non-residential retreat in the lush rainforest of the west coast of Auckland.

 Learn to teach Land to Water Developmental Yoga and become a yoga therapist and movement therapist.

 Connect with yourself and others in a new way, practice listening, to ourselves, to each other and to nature.

 Featuring the SHIN SOMATICS practices of intrinsic dance, land to water yoga, contact unwinding, and bodywork

 Course content:

 . Body Archaeology

. Meditation in Motion

. Guided Movement practice

. Core Movement Patterning

. Intuitive and responsive dance

. Somatic Yoga

. Hands-on Movement Therapy


Connect to others and the wider field of nature through embodied presence and active imagination. Learn healing movement practices and experience your intrinsic potential for transformation through gentle hands-on bodywork. Deepen your felt sense and connection to your bodymind wisdom. Let go into the abundance of life, rest and contemplate.

This workshop can be taken for credit towards accreditation as a Internationally Registered Movement Therapist and Yoga Teacher with EastWest Somatics Institute and ISMETA.

$886 per module or $5800 for 7 modules (save over $400)

My recent experience of the Shin Somatics Module “Body Song” has left me filled with inspiration, deep experiences and juicy enquiries. Soul centre is the perfect location for the deep Somatic based work offered by Willa Monroe and Willa herself is a stunning and knowledgeable teacher. She conveys her vast experience and knowledge of the work with ease, humor and respect and holds space beautifully for the transformative practices she offers. This gentle and accessible introduction to the work of Sondra Fraleigh and EastWest Somatics (among others) offers a glimpse of the vast possibilities one can encounter when enquiring into yoga, movement and dance with a somatic approach. I can’t wait for my next module and the chance to go deeper still.
— Jessica Dziwulska, studio owner and yoga teacher
It was a beautiful, meaningful and profound encountering to the Shin Somatics on the first day after my 37th birthday. I have never expected any trainings to be structured in such gentle, depth, multi-layer, and accommodating way. Ms Monroe inspires us by her whole being and shares her wisdom during this amazing 5-day module training. As a dance/movement therapy practitioner for many years, I have been looking for approaches that integrate Body-Mind-Spirit in deeper and more holistic levels, and searching for ways to connect with the communities and nature. I truly experienced the transformation and the new era of BEING in the time and space we shared together. I am looking forward to immersing myself into more Shin moments in life.
— JungShu Wan, movement therapist

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moving towards transparency

The School of Love is a workshop/performance process.

Combining techniques from Theatre of the Ordinary, Skinner Releasing Technique, Butoh, Contact Improvisation, Shin Somatics and her own mix of body work, performance and meditation practice, Wilhemeena Isabella Monroe leads a selected group through a year-long process of unfoldment, bearing, sharing, receiving and embracing, self and others in a performance-based ritual weekly practice.