Classes with Willa

"Willa's teaching is grounded, heart-full and alive with spirit. Her subtle, yet profound approach to yoga teaching, informed by her work as a somatic therapist, works on levels deeper than the physical. Being guided by her I felt held within a sphere of kindness and peace, attuned to the universal rhythms present within the bodily system. I greatly admire Willa's ability to reconnect her students with this powerful doorway into silence, presence and healing in the body and mind."  

Peter Fernando - International mindfulness and meditation teacher and former buddhist monk

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Drawing on the developmental postures of Shin Somatics, Skinner Releasing principles and somatic practice these classes focus on opening and lengthening the body and quietening the mind. Based on the founding principle of Yoga – to create balance - we begin with balancing the nervous system and endocrine system, using asanas and pranayama inspired for healing and inner reflection. Help manage stress, learn to wind down and create a space to just be in your body.  This is a transformative practice. Also suitable for those new to yoga, recovering from illness or injury, those in the later stages of the life cycle, and for pre and post-natal mums. Shin Yoga will move gently through the postures with a focus on healing, restoration and revitalization.

Wednesday 6-7.15pm at SOUL - centre of the body and mind

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Elemental Chi Kung (Qigong) is an easy, gentle form of exercise that will keep you agile, flexible and in the flow of life. Encourage healthy qi flow throughout the body - leading to improved or enhanced health, the maintenance of good health and the healing of illness. A meditative body-mind class that encourages connection between the body-mind and a deeper connection to self.

Tuesday and Friday 9.30 - 10.45am at SOUL - centre of the body and mind

"Chi Kung was so beautiful this morning. I am so grateful for the essential you, your soul vision and your exceptional healings. " Nixie Manson



This flowing yoga class will encourage opening, unfolding and listening to self, in a somatic inspired yoga session, combining Wilhemeena's love of of all things bendy, including Ashtanga, Hatha and Vinyasa practices, a little chi, prana and vibrational resounding and you will be blissed from top to toe and feeling ready for your day.

Monday 9.30 - 10.45 + Wednesday 7.30 - 8.30pm at SOUL - centre of the body and mind

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Skinner Releasing Technique

Do you want to be: more FLEXIBLE, more FLUID, more FREE, more EASEFUL, more ENERGETIC, more RELAXED, have more SPACE, be more IN HARMONY WITH YOURSELF?

These classes will introduce a meditative movement practice, teaching us how to release old postural habits and experience new ways of moving with efficiency and ease. Experience creative movement, deep meditation, partner-work and body awareness, as part of a fluid way of developing a more integrated sense of moving and being. No dance experience necessary, just a willingness to experience your body in a new way. Students have reported feeling more creative, more energetic, more relaxed, with easier and deeper sleep.

"Releasing is like a dreaming. It wakes you up to the real essential shimmering self and everything else falls away" Wilhemeena Monroe

Mindfulness, movement, poetic imagery, creative improvisation, dynamic postural alignment, hands on bodywork, deep relaxation.

Releasing postural tension patterns

Releasing the breath

Releasing energy flow

Releasing effortless dancing

Releasing creativity

A transformative movement, awareness and bodywork practice. Classes unfold around the simple principle that when we practice letting go of habitual holding patterns we can move more freely, efficiently and powerfully.

“Nothing I’ve tried has done so much to bring me into physical and spiritual harmony with myself and others.” 

I felt as free and at ease as I ever have. As if that kind of soft but total awareness, without aggression or fear, is my natural state of being. ”

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Skinner Releasing Network


Do you want to connect deeply with what it is to be a woman? Do you want to find your inner goddess? Then this class is for you. Join Willa and a tribe of goddesses for this class inspired by women's wisdom practices, goddess practices, tantra yoga and belly dance and get your body, mind and heart in alignment with the goddess!!! Jai Ma!



Contact Improvisation is a dance technique where points of physical contact provide the starting point for movement exploration and improvisation. It is a profound technique that helps us unwind for a moment from our high-tech, low-touch society and come back to the realities of our bodies for connection, touch, healing and dancing.

A bi-weekly jam is held at SOUL to explore, meeting and being with, holding and being held. Movement, touch, momentum, gravity, surrendering to the earth and playing with flight...