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Healer, poet, shamaness, priestess, Wellness leader, ceremony creatrix

Wilhemeena Isabella Monroe

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Wilhemeena isabella Monroe


Wilhemeena is an international leader in wellness facilitation - a dancer, an artist and poet, and a world re-knowned healer and teacher of the healing and sacred arts. Find out more

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Schedule of Events

& events

Every year Wilhemeena curates a schedule of retreats, workshops and trainings to serve the community. Ways of tapping into spirit, reminding ourselves who we are, why we are here and providing opportunities for growth, healing + connection.

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cacao plant medicine circle + Community Activations


SHIN YOGA - classes and workshops


elemental alchemy - qi gong + energy medicine


wellness retreats + Adventures

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online courses

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sacred, beautiful + transformational

Ceremony + Ritual

Below are some of the ceremonies and rituals created for individuals and groups.  A ritual is a time of intention, a sacred stillness where we intentionally let go and start again, we build the future starting with now - we create together the richness in love + in life, that we wish to live into. Wilhemeena’s experience in dance, plant medicines and the sacred arts combines to create beautiful ceremony + ritual that support healing + fullness of life. See the more opportunites here.



Cacao is the plant medicine of the heart. Here we sit together, breathe. Gather consciousness. Use our intention. Each ceremony is bespoke as we invoke the elements, tune into ourselves and invite our deepest heart to open. Personal ceremony, group ceremony or you are welcome to our community ceremony here..


We begin with plant ceremony - tuning in to cacao and native plant offerings. We dive deep into ourselves with embodied meditation - taking it into movement alongside DJ Arnivan’s beautiful global tunes. Dance your new story. Ending with circle and some deep sounding together as community. Next community event here.

The Priestess

Full day or half day dedicated to personal healing and ceremony to help you in transitions, to celebrate life moments or to simply immerse in healing and you time.



This one-on-one healing session tunes into your highest possible healing on the day. A personal choice of a combination of massage, biodynamic craniosacral therapy, energy healing and shamanic healing..

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Dive in to these delicious experiences - hand made to encourage truth, authenticity and vibrancy of being. Note that all events require prior registration.



tues 6:00 - 7:00PM

Cacao Ceremony

Ceremony is about coming together with an intention and purpose - we gather to rest from the outside world and tune in with who and how we are. Cacao enhances our receptivity to the magic held within ourselves. She is a soft yet powerful plant-teacher, helping us open our hearts, which aids us to approach life through a lens of compassion and joy.

TUES + FRI 9:30 - 10:45AM

Elemental Qi Gong

Qigong (chi kung) is an ancient Chinese health care system which combines gentle physical movements, breathing techniques and focused intentions, to cultivate and move Qi (life force or vital energy) throughout the body.

WED 6:00 - 7:00pm

Shin Yoga

Drawing on the developmental postures of Shin Somatics, Skinner Releasing principles and somatic practice these classes focus on opening and lengthening the body and quietening the mind.

wed 7:30 - 8:30pm

Strength and Surrender

A Vinyasa style yoga class with roots in Ashtanga, Hatha and Vinyasa flows. Wilhemeena's classes invoke a connection to nature and a somatic sensability as we breathe, open and integrate together. Leaving you feeling in your body, alive and restored.

Register for classes here



SUN SEPT 29 - 3:00 - 6:00PM

HEAL - Cacao, Shin Yoga and Sound Journey (with Aidan Kelly)

HEAL is a devotional afternoon/early evening of healing, loving and living our best - we rest into our hearts - we open to healing - ourselves and our world - a healing and rejuvenating retreat with the medicine of the heart - cacao + plant medicine, healing and restorative shin yoga with Wilhemeena Monroe and sound journey with singer/songwriter Aidan Kelly. Register now.

SUN dec 1 - 10:30AM - 5:30PM

SELF-COMPASSION - Shin Yoga and Meditation Day Retreat (with Peter Fernando)

Drawing from Willa’s training in somatic therapeutics, yoga, movement fundamentals and ritual + Peter’s background in meditation and mindfulness, this workshop will explore the profound potential for transformation and self-knowledge that this radical practice can have.


NOV 2019

Re-Birth Retreat (Bali)

Join Wilhemeena Isabella Monroe and Sonja Shradha Devi for a life changing journey into Self Love, Authentic Power and Sacred Sexuality in a secret location in the jungle of magical Bali.

JUNE 2020

Bodylove Retreat (Bali)

A SACRED WOMEN’S RETREAT - with Wilhemeena Monroe and Sonja Shrada Devi - Love and Nourish every cell of your body - Love your Womb - Shine your Light - Express your Essence - Get Clear & aligned in....Magical Ocean side Bali . Pure divinity!

JUly 2020

Ritual + Rest (Bali)

A chance to slow down, unwind and deeply rest. We spend time unwinding our hearts, our bodies and our minds from the stresses of everyday life, with slow yoga, chi kung and deep and nourishing practices that help to re-set the nervous system and deeply calm and re-integrate. We will have the chance to re-focus and re-align with what really matters. To use ritual as a tool to cleanse, renew and bring alive what we truly want in our lives.

AUG 2020

Samoa Bliss Retreat

BE loved up on a tropical island doing yoga, bodywork, movement and meditation for 7 days. Amazing tutors and therapists. Beach front accommodation on beautiful Lalomanu – “The 7th most beautiful beach in the world.”
Relax, unwind and find yourself again.

SEPT 2020

Tonga Wellness Adventure

A private tropical island week of Yoga + Wellbeing immersion
Immerse yourself in yoga practice, chi kung, meditation and wellness rituals within the tranquil surrounds of Ha’apai’s lush private island environment. We will pamper you with healing treatments, daily freshly cut coconuts after your morning yoga practice, and an abundance of local organic produce, as part of a deeply nourishing wellness program..



10:00 - 12:00

Elemental Alchemy

Elemental Alchemy Qi Gong is a way to open to a deeper and richer connection to the life force within the human system and within nature. In particular to listen and be aware of the subtle power of your health and become aware of movements of chi within your body and mind. Learn to heal yourself and others with this profound training system. Register now.

12:00 - 2:00

SOUL Somatics

A unique combination of somatic and shamanic principles, techniques and practices to move you into every life as a human and as a healer of the world.

I live my life in widening circles
that reach out across the world.
I may not complete this last one
but I give myself to it.

I circle around God,
around the primordial tower
I’ve been circling
for thousands of years
and I still don’t know:
am I a falcon, a storm,
or a great song?

— Rilke
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